Feminist Teacher Celebrates First Year Blogging

This weekend I’m celebrating the first year of founding and blogging at Feminist Teacher. When I created this blog, my goal was to carve out a space to share my work as a feminist high school teacher and for fellow feminist educators to find a space to talk about the role of feminism in schools. As part of celebrating my first year blogging, I’m taking a look back at 2010 and my work as a feminist educator-activist:

It’s been quite a year of speaking out on behalf of young feminists (both girls and guys), queer youth, and students of color. I’ll certainly keep doing this work as I now embark on a six-month Fulbright journey to Mexico interviewing young women about their experience of gender and sexuality in Mexico City’s high schools. Watch out for posts documenting my experience in the coming weeks.

Until then, keep fighting the good fight as feminist educators in this new year. As we head back to our classrooms this January, I’m reminded of what Arundhati Roy states, “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Let’s bring in that new world together with our students starting now.

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