Feminist high school boys declare: “I am a feminist”

Thinks boys can’t be feminists? The seven boys who have taken my high school feminism class in the last two years disagree. They even got together to make a video to share the ways in which feminism has made an impact on their lives as young men.

“My reason for taking the feminism course is that especially in high school, there’s not opportunities like this that come around, ever,” says Bruke, a high school senior who took my feminism class when he was a junior in the fall of 2012.

“At one point, we wrote an intersectionality essay, and that taught me that nothing is really one-dimensional. Like you can’t just be black. You can be black and gay; or like black, gay, disabled. There are many different things that don’t relate to the master narrative,” Nathaniel, senior, who also took my course in 2012 and later appeared with Gloria Steinem on Nick News on Nickelodeon to talk about feminism and young people.

“Every time you read a magazine, every time you listen to a song, you can hear the misogynist undertone,” Russell, senior, who took my class just this past fall of 2013.

“It is a life-changing course,” said Luis, senior.

Watch these seven boys share their thoughts on feminism. This week they are graduating from high school and will be continuing their work on women’s and gender studies and feminist activism as they move on to their college years.

See if their stories can’t convince you to teach a women’s and gender studies class at your high school.

25 thoughts on “Feminist high school boys declare: “I am a feminist”

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  3. I cannot like this enough. Watching it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you (thank you!) for teaching hope. We are the future of feminism?! There’s more work to be done?! That’s right, you bad ass kids. That’s right.

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  10. This is so inspiring and uplifting! You’re doing something incredible by teaching young people about the true meaning of feminism and equality. I hope educators and classes like yours will one day become the norm.

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  18. Wow! That was fantastic and so hopeful for our country’s future! Thank you for your work. I’m wondering if you might do a MOOC sometime? I am part of the secular homeschool community and would LOVE to have my daughter be able to take your class (me too!).

    • Thank you for your very kind words. Yes, I am considering creating some kind of online course or MOOC or online talk; such a great idea, thank you! I need to learn how to do something like that first. In the meantime, though, it would be great to know if you think the homeschool community at large would be interested in high school level women’s and gender studies. You are now the second homeschool parent who has reached out to me. Many thanks for your good energy and support.

  19. Reblogged this on Coalition to End Gender-based Violence & Discrimination and commented:
    We came across this blog post when a video was shared with us via Facebook. Feminism is just entering the vocabulary of Bahamians, and there is still work to be done to ensure that they know what it means. The word, the movement, and the purpose need to be made clear, and we’re doing it one step at a time. Take a few minutes to watch this video and find out what a few high school students think about feminism after taking a course.

  20. Thank you for this excellent video! I would love to talk with you more about your curriculum on gender. I do similar work in an after-school program, where we talk about social justice through a popular education model, and we do community organizing on issues that students decide to work on. Also, even though you already are super popular, I’ve nominated you for a chain-style blogging award! Here’s the information: http://captainglittertoes.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/lovelyvery-inspiring-blog-award/. 🙂

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