More on Maddow’s Smith Commencement Speech: What I Didn’t Get to Include

I’m still pretty ecstatic about having interviewed Rachel Maddow just minutes before she delivered

Rachel Maddow at Smith Commencement 2010 (photo: Jim Gipe/

this year’s Commencement speech at Smith College to the class of 2010 on May 16.  As a Smith alum from 1997, I was thrilled to cover the event for the Women’s Media Center in New York, which was co-founded by fellow Smith alum Gloria Steinem ’56.  Here’s the piece I wrote for them last week, which includes an exclusive quote from Maddow on feminism.

But there were some moments that I didn’t get to talk about in my WMC post, namely the covert lesbian joke that Maddow made to a knowing crowd, the lively live tweets from swooning alumnae; and photos of Maddow that will knock you out.

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